5 Fun Activities for this Bank Holiday Weekend

5 Fun Activities for this Bank Holiday Weekend - Lighthouse

2017, for all its faults so far, has blessed us by making Easter Weekend and May Day Bank Holiday a mere week and a half apart. Make the most of the small things right?!

So, keep the post-Easter, chocolate-binge induced blues at bay by planning the best Bank Holiday Weekend yet.

We have a few ideas to get you inspired…

1. Spend the day somewhere completely new

It may feel temping to stay indoors and relax, but it is likely you’ll get to Monday evening and feel as though you’ve wasted an entire extended weekend working your way through the surplus of Easter eggs and a Netflix series!

We’re now full-swing into Spring, so why not get outside and breathe in some of the fresh air? Change things up a bit by heading somewhere that’s been on your to-do list for ages. An extended weekend is the perfect opportunity to tick it off!

2. Decluttering

The advent of May signals the ideal opportunity to do a bit of Spring cleaning and decluttering. Getting your home ready for Spring will aid in mentally giving you a fresh start for the new season.

It’s likely that after you’ll feel more relaxed and organised and enjoy your weekend even more. Check out our decluttering tips here.

3. Gardening

Alongside having health benefits, being good exercise and a great way to keep your mind focused, gardening is really rewarding and will bring a bit of colour into your garden ahead of the summer months. 

Some flowers that are good to grow in May include - sunflowers, nasturtiums, cornflowers and nigella.

If you fancy trying your hand at growing your own herbs and veg to add to your dishes, try growing these - chives, coriander, dill, parsley, carrots and parsnips. You can grow these directly from the ground!

4. Make a dish you’ve never tried for dinner

If your spag bol is starting to lose its lure and you’re sick of the sight of mashed potatoes, why not experiment with new recipes and make something new for dinner?

Who knows, it could end up being easier than you think and become a new favourite. Pinterest is particularly useful for scoping out new recipes.

5. Back Garden Camping

Okay, so it might not be as exciting as getting away to your favourite camping spot, but it’s the next best thing and can be a lot of fun with your little ones in tow!

Crack out your tent, sleeping bags, a torch, tasty snack and a book of spooky stories! Or for the more fainthearted, perhaps a tablet to watch your favourite movie together on. Alternatively you could always watch the sunset and wake up (or stay up!) to watch the sun-rise.

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