Five Step Autumn Crafting with the Kids

Five Step Autumn Crafting with the Kids - Lighthouse

October and November are the perfect months to get outside with the little ones, and to savour this golden season we’re in. With that in mind, and to keep little hands and minds focused while out and about, here’s a quick and easy Autumn craft to keep them both amused and aware of all the beautiful things that can be foraged at this time of year.

Pinecone Spiders

With Halloween Half Term coming up, engage the kids in this simple, mess free little activity which ensures time spent both outdoors and in!

Autumn Crafts Life at the Little Wood

You’ll need:

A pine cone

3 pipe cleaners (find colourful ones here)

Some self-adhesive googly eyes

1. Head out!  Wrap up warm and take a trip to your nearest woodland or park.  Make a simple little list of things for the kids to find – particular shapes of leaves, acorns or something in a particularly Fall colour.  For very little ones you can adapt your list to include little pictures or illustrations of what they should look for!

Life at the Little Wood Autumn Crafts

2 Find a few pinecones to bring home – the bigger they are in size the better for this activity.

3. Once indoors, wash your pinecones really well.  If they are tightly closed, a few hours in the warm will help them to open out.  Just be sure to rinse again once they’ve opened, to get rid of any little bugs.

4. When they’ve opened out you can pop your pipe cleaners through the grooves on the underside of the cone.  Bend them to keep them in place and to provide the spider’s ‘legs’.

5. Then just add the eyes (as many as you’d like!) and you have a creepy, crawley little friend!

Have a wonderful Autumn season!

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