Reclaim the Outdoors: 5 Reasons to Get Outside This April

Reclaim the Outdoors: 5 Reasons to Get Outside This April - Lighthouse

We're all painfully familiar with those ten minute glimpses of sunshine in between April's sporadic showers. Teasing us throughout the day, they manage to bring on a special kind of nostalgic longing for the summer days we've gone so long without.

It can thus be pretty frustrating when the skies quickly turn grey and the rain starts pouring. How long can that walk you've had so confidently planned out be put off for?

If each time you've had your hand on the door handle ready to go and the rain keeps you at bay, it's time to reclaim the outdoors!

It's spring and it's time to embrace the new season, temperamental weather or not. So get your wellies out and crack out a COLLECTION waterproof raincoat because here are the five reasons you need to get outdoors this April!

1. Get In the Mood for SS2016

Okay so you might not necessarily get to rock the bare legs look on a drizzly Tuesday in April but gradually embracing the great outdoors in the wake of the winter months will help you get into the mood for this seasons new trends! After all, staring at page after page of online shopping will provide you with only so much inspiration!

2. Puddle Splashing

April showers might be pretty annoying but at least they're an excuse to show off a pair of cute printed wellies and a colourful raincoat. Bring a bit of Spring vibrancy into your day even if the weather isn't co-operating!

3. Nature Has a New Lease of Life

It started with daffodils and crocuses popping up their heads in time for Easter and now the branches that were once bare are starting to go green again. Perhaps all the rain and sunshine isn't such a bad thing after all if it gets the greenery and flowers blossoming once more.

4. Longer Evenings

Do you remember in the height of January whenever it was dark as you left for work in the morning and then it was dark again when you finished work? And everyone complained endlessly about it? Well, now that's (finally) a thing of the past, so it's time to make the most of the longer hours of daylight we yearned so much for during the dark winter months!

5. Exercise

There's something wonderfully motivating about seeing that seldom spotted orb of fire in the sky. Perhaps it's because it transforms the usual greyness and rain we are accustomed to. Let's face it, any activities that involve leaving the house are ten times more difficult when it's raining. This isn't the case when it's sunny however - physical activity and exercise suddenly feel much more achievable whether it's through a simple walk round your neighbourhood, a cycle or a stroll by the beach. Don't let random showers put you off enjoying the rare sights of sun we get!

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