3 Ways to Have an Adventure with the Kids this Easter…

3 Ways to Have an Adventure with the Kids this Easter… - Lighthouse

Easter holidays are nearly upon us, and with the weather getting milder too, we’re all looking forward to entertaining the family outdoors in April.  Why not try one of these ideas for Spring adventures this Easter break?

1. Go on a Colour Hunt!

Particularly good for younger children who may find Easter egg trails that little bit taxing still, colour hunts are perfect for a season when everything is beginning to wake up. 

Head to a local park or garden and set your little ones the task of checking off any colours that they might find.  You can really easily put together a checklist for them to mark, perhaps using pictures rather than words if they are very little.  It’s a perfect way to draw their attention to new signs of life, and if you have older kids you can make it more challenging by setting a time limit too!

Life at the Little Wood Easter Ideas

2. Make an Easter Tree.

Ideas for Easter Holidays Life at the Little Wood

Gather twigs as you go when out and about (Willow is particularly good at this time of year!) and place them in a large vase or jug at home. They can look really pretty when decorated with tiny Easter decorations, and the kids can add to it too by decorating egg shapes cut from coloured card and strung with ribbon. Use stickers, glitter, felt pens and sequins to finish off. Then hang your eggs from the branches to complete your Easter tree!

3. Screen a movie outdoors…

Easter Ideas Life at the Little Wood

Kids will love the novelty factor of an outdoor movie and it’s simpler to put together than you might think. String a large bed sheet between two trees (Or even from your washing line!) and project your chosen movie on to it. Add a ‘cinema treat’ table, complete with popcorn, drinks and chocolate eggs and make the seating area cosy with plenty of blankets and cushions. Choose an Easter themed movie such as ‘Hop!’ for an extra festive touch.

Happy Easter break!

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