5 Reasons Why Winter Isn't as Bad as You Think

5 Reasons Why Winter Isn't as Bad as You Think - Lighthouse

In the not-so-distant future, winter is looming. Signifying for many, so much that is detested - that unwelcoming chill as we get out of bed in the morning, short days, long hours of darkness and of course, lets not forget the dreaded Christmas shopping.

These negative aspects of winter tend to outweigh the good parts for many. After all, there's a lot of cold dreary days to get through before Christmas finally arrives. However, there's plenty to keep in mind to get you through the cold snap. 

So if you aren’t a winter person, bear this list in mind to help mentally prepare yourself for winter!

1. Winter food

It’s about to get incredibly cold and one of the few resources to ease the effects of this, save many layers and hot water bottles, is good hearty winter food. We’re thinking roast chicken, hot porridge to get you out of bed in the morning and of course litre upon litre of soup! There's something wonderfully comforting about winter foods, perhaps it's how their warmth momentarily aids us in forgetting the dreadful cold outside! 

2. Getting your home winter ready

Whenever you finally get home from a tough day’s work and winter’s darkness has already descended before you’re even through the front door, you’ll need a few home comforts to make the dark evenings a bit easier. This doesn’t mean putting up your Christmas tree super early (although you can if it will help!) it’s about incorporating the little things. Think new candles to up the cosiness levels, new blankets to curl up with in front of the TV and maybe even a couple of new books to immerse yourself in on those dark rainy evenings.

3. Autumn/Winter fashion

Let’s face it, Autumn/Winter fashion is far superior to summer fashion. Sure, summer fashion is brighter but UK weather just isn’t generally suited to sandals and shorts! So rather than trying to incorporate those sandals that will have your feet soaked when rain inevitably strikes you can finally embrace the season of boots, scarves and layers once again. Don’t forget a cosy COLLECTION waterproof raincoat to see you through the winter months!

4. Christmas parties

Maybe it’s the cold weather or the stress induced by Christmas shopping but December is the month for getting your glad rags on and treating yourself to a few festive drinks. Whether that’s at a Christmas market or for your work Christmas party, embrace December’s party season. A sparkly dress is a must!

5. The days between Christmas and New Years

The space of time between Christmas and New Years is for lounging around the house in a Christmas left-overs fuelled delirium. Total comfort is powering through box-set after box set alongside that second tin of Quality Street with no idea what time or day it is and being totally okay with it. This is the true boon which winter has to offer.

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