5 Simple Tips for Slowing Down

5 Simple Tips for Slowing Down - Lighthouse

Do you find that you’re rushing through life with little time to enjoy yourself? In our work-centric, technology driven world it can feel difficult to make time for the little things. From the never ending rolling feed of news and updates on social media to notifications buzzing through constantly on your phone, slowing down and enjoying the moment seems to have become something increasingly alien.

When our idle moments have become filled with consuming an influx of news and continual updates from your never quiet social media, it has never been more important to practise slowing down daily for a less stressed out life.

Why not try incorporating our 5 tips to slow down and enjoy life?

1. Concentrate on one task at a time

There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to concentrate on one task and one task only for an allotted amount of time. Concentrating on one task at a time helps you ensure you’re completing the task to a high standard whereas multi-tasking often leads to cutting corners, getting things done as quick as possible which inevitably leads to stress. Challenge yourself to focus on one thing at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed by large to-do lists. Attempting to get everything done at once is, by and large, a bad idea.

2. Turn off your phone once in a while

Have you like many others, developed a habit of robotically scrolling through your newsfeed without motive or without even really realising you’re doing it? You could be watching TV, reading a book or having coffee with a friend and you’ll suddenly just find yourself on Facebook, just there looking at meaningless junk that isn’t bringing any worth to your day.

Start catching yourself doing this or just turn your phone off for a while. Allowing yourself a few minutes each day to have a quick look through social media should suffice and aid you in unplugging from technology and enjoying the moment.

3. Get in control of your thoughts

Do you find it hard to focus your attention? Whether it’s a book, a conversation with someone or a TV show? Rather you find yourself making mental lists of things you need to buy, things that need done or simply just niggling worries?

This can be a difficult habit to shake as it’s often ingrained into our very personalities. But much like tearing ourselves from the distraction of social media we must tear ourselves from the distraction of social media we must tear ourselves from our thoughts and worries and give ourselves a break from them once in a while. This starts with recognising the moments when we get distracted by our thoughts.

4. Don’t feel guilt for making time to relax

Being busy is seen positive whereas being idle is seen as negative. This can lead to anxiety whenever we find ourselves with a free few hours because we feel it should be filled with something productive whether that’s going to the gym or fitting in some time to learn a language.

It’s hard to shake this anxiety around just taking a break no matter how much we may need one. However, coming to terms with the fact that we, as human beings, need time to recharge for the sake of our health and productivity is generally a pretty good starting point.

5. Eat Slower

Take the time to enjoy your meals. Too often we can find ourselves shovelling meals down as quick as possible in a wild attempt to get that growing to do list whittled down a bit. However, food should be enjoyed and taking your time to do this during meal times won’t take as much time out of your schedule as you think it will and not rushing around will help in keeping your stress levels low. It just takes some discipline!

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