5 Tips for Brightening your Winter Interiors

5 Tips for Brightening your Winter Interiors - Lighthouse

Most of us start to think about sprucing up our homes once the Spring is in full flow, clearing out and refreshing for a new, brighter season.  But there is something to be said for nesting over the Winter period too, and really making your home a haven away from the cold and damp.

If you’re keen to hibernate this winter, maybe try some of these ideas for the ultimate cosy interiors.

1. Make it a Natural Home

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It’s amazing the difference that a little bit of green will bring to a space.  Try succulents or fiscus plants if you’re not particularly greenfingered.  They are long lasting and thrive on neglect.  Create a botanical feel in living spaces by choosing glass jars as planters, and group assorted sizes and types together on coffee and side tables, or even on the floor.

2. Create a nest of layers

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Pile up blankets and cushions on sofas and armchairs, ready to be snuggled in. choose different textures, all within the same colour palette, for a really contemporary look. Faux fur, chunky knits and crochet are all very Winter appropriate but even look to linen and canvas to see you through until Spring.

3. Wise words

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Surround yourself with positivity through the darker days of Winter and choose artwork with typography to inspire.  Layer up a mixture of quotations, song lyrics or favourite place names in black and white, beside foiled versions too, and choose fine gold frames to display them for a minimalistic, chic look.

4. Dim the lights

Make your space extra cosy by opting for lighting that is soft, especially in the evenings. Light scented candles come dusk, and switch on fairy lights to give a glow. Choose table lamps over ceiling lights for a warmer feel.

5. Make clutter into a feature

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Choose to embrace your clutter by organising sideboards, desks and coffee tables to accommodate it. Stack books in piles, and place a candle and plant on top. Pick a glass topped jewellery box and store all your prettiest pieces where they can be seen. Arrange objects in clusters (always in odd numbered groups!) coordinating them by colour or design. A homely home isn’t necessarily one that is clinical and empty. Eclectic is beautiful too!

Happy Homemaking this Winter!

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