5 Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

5 Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shopping - Lighthouse

It’s that time of year again. Seemingly all of a sudden, Christmas is once again upon us. You vowed to be organised this time round, get the presents bought and avoid the stress but here we are with less than a week to go and you have a worryingly long list of presents to still buy…

We’ve all been there before, some people to it every year and for some it’s just an accidental blip. Either way, it’s important not to get too stressed and overwhelmed by it - because it kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Isn’t present giving supposed to be fun?

So, take a deep breath and read on for a few tips to get the Christmas shopping finally nipped in the bud so you can finally sit down with a well deserved sherry or mulled wine!

1. Plan and Focus

You have limited time on your hands, as you are well aware. To get the Christmas shopping done and keep stress levels at bay, you needs to put together a manageable plan.

First off, work out the budget you’re working with, this will help to avoid overspending. Take a looks online for exact prices. While it may be too late to order, places such as Argos and Tesco offer click and collect services which will make the whole process quicker and easier.

By looking online you can figure out which shops you need to call into and you can then plan your shopping trip step by step and get it done efficiently. Why not call store to have products held over for you to save shaving off vital minutes desperately searching the store for what you want?

2. Subscription Boxes

If you really can’t face going out into the cold and facing the crowds of people and the queues why not sign your friend, partner or relative up for a subscription box?

Subscription boxes have become super popular recently with options ranging from this monthly tea treat from Suki tea, movie merchandise from Kick Ass Crate or a Woot Box for the geek in your life. There are lots of cool options out there so have a look around and see what niche fits. Just think, you could give them a present that will be a monthly surprise in the post AND you can organise it all from the comfort of your own home! Win-win.

3. Gift Cards

In a similar vein to subscription boxes, gift cards are that wonderful present that can be sorted out in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your home avoiding the stress of queues and crowds. Let’s face it, while gift cards might be slightly impersonal at least they’ll be able to spend them on something they actually want!

Psst... Did you know that Lighthouse gift cards are available?

4. Unleash your Creativity

Are you good at drawing, sewing, knitting or any other creative skill that could make a really thoughtful gift for someone? If so, you could have a cosy night in making them a card or knitting them a hat or a scarf. It might take a bit longer but it will be a personal gift made with love and you can’t fault that can you?

5. Regifting

This isn’t admittedly a great option but if you’re desperate whether through a lack of funds or you’ve to Christmas eve and realised you’ve forgotten someone then maybe that birthday present you have no use for might go down a treat with someone else? Be careful though, make sure you aren’t giving it back to the person who gave you it in the first place.

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