5 Winter Styling Tips

5 Winter Styling Tips - Lighthouse

When the weather turns bitter, we just want to reach for the warmest winter clothes possible, anything that will keep us protected from the all-pervading chill.

Style, understandably, can fall to the wayside when it comes to wrapping up for the cold. I mean, nothing feels less fashionable than pairing that mismatching but super cosy scarf with that coat you’ve been relying on for longer than you’d care to admit.

Firing on our warmest clothes can start to feel a bit tiresome, especially when you want to change things up a bit and wear something vaguely fashionable.

That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for winter style. Injecting a bit of sorely missed fashion into your winter wardrobe needn’t be a stressful ordeal and you won’t have to sacrifice on warmth, we promise.

1. Layers, layers, layers…

Layering is, by no means, a fashion secret when it comes to dressing for winter, however, it is something that many can struggle to do right. When it’s freezing out layering often translates to bundling up as much as possible to cope with cold. Yet, you can be super creative when it comes to layering - playing about and pairing together pieces that you might never have thought would work together and then suddenly you have a brand new (ish!) outfit.

Try layering a plaid shirt underneath a cropped jumper, a long top underneath a pinafore, long socks over tights - just throw a few things together and see what works!

2. Boots

Boots are your friend in the winter months, so get to know each other. You’re kidding yourself if you think pumps are still acceptable during this time of the year - your feet will be freezing and not to mention wet if the rain makes an appearance. The same goes for your beloved Converse. The best thing is to invest in a pair of versatile booed that you can pretty much live in through the winter months!

3. Hats

Although the idea that you lose body heat through your head is contested, hats are still a super important piece in your winter wardrobe and will overall help in keeping you warm. And let’s be honest, they’re super cosy. Make sure to get a hat that covers your ears because they lose heat easily.

4. Tights

Tights are great in winter because they’re so easily layered due to how thin they are. If you’re dead set on wearing a dress or skirt, double up your tights for extra warmth. You can even sneak a pair of socks underneath too, to keep your feet nice and warm (they’re probably the most difficult part of your body to keep warm!) Don’t limit tights to just dresses and skirts either, you can wear them underneath leggings and jeans whenever it’s particularly chilly and you need a bit of extra protection.

5. A Decent Coat

Luckily for you, we just so happen to know where you could get yourself a high quality, waterproof and breathable coat designed to keep you toasty throughout winter and beyond! Our Autumn/Winter collection encompasses coats with unrestrictive but warm padding, shearling fleece and lots of details such as waist drawcords, shoulder cape and detachable hood.

Winter style has never been so easy!

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