Beat The April Showers!

Beat The April Showers! - Lighthouse

Coaxed out of the house, we swap our Netflix binges for some more outdoor activity as the sun timidly starts to extend its visits in the wake of winter. But just whenever we've got brave enough to swap our sturdy boots for pumps and our winter coat for a light jacket, the rain starts to bucket down & with inadequate clothing you're soaked from head to foot. And, just to add insult to injury, the sun is back shining five minutes later. Sound familiar?

Yes, April is a testing time for finding fashion that's functional for unpredictable weather. On the one hand you want to embrace the new season's trends, but on the other hand, putting your winter coat back on feels very appealing when you're soaked to the skin. 

April showers thus provide quite a predicament - it's not winter coat weather anymore but it isn't quite spring/summer weather either. How do we cover this difficult in-between period?

The Lighthouse collection has outerwear that's lightweight for when the sun is out, highly waterproof for when the rain is out and breathability to ensure you stay comfortable in between these two extremes. Many of our coats also have foldaway hoods and turn back cuffs meaning you can edit your look quickly and easily while you're on the go!

The SS2016 collection is on trend for the season but also realistic about weather expectations, making it perfect for this odd weather interim between winter and spring/summer! Designed in Belfast, we are certainly no strangers to rain!

Available for women, men and kids you can get the whole family kitted out in the same reliable, waterproof practical features.

Beat the April Showers with Lighthouse Clothing!

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