Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Lighthouse

Finding the perfect gift at Christmas can be quite the ordeal. From in-laws to old friends, the endless amount of options out there can feel overwhelming. And lets not forget all the variables to take into account - is it a bit too pricey? Is it not pricey enough? Will they actually like it? Am I only buying it because I like it?! The list goes on…

Factor in the crowded shopping centres and Christmas music on an endless loop and you have enough to make you buy socks for everyone!

However, as a bit of inspiration and to alleviate (slightly!) your Christmas shopping induced stress, we’ve put together a Christmas gift guide of our top picks this Yuletide season. Who knows, you might manage to get at least one person ticked off the list!

1. The Interiors Obsessive

Lighthouse christmas gift guide

Salt lamps have become all the rage in recent months due to the benefits they are suggested to have on your wellbeing. They are said to remove positive ions from the air and replace them with negative ions (which are supposed to be better for you) this in turn can help with lots of things from anxiety to asthma. And lets not forget that they look great and up the ambience levels in any room by 100%.

2. The Gadget Lover

In our digital centric world, why not get the gadget lover on your list something a bit retro? Long gone seem the days of printing photos yet having a tangible memory that exists beyond the fickle realms of Facebook and Instagram can be really valuable. And that’s where a polaroid camera comes into play!

Let’s be honest they probably already have the latest phone or tablet and that’s pretty difficult to top, so why not change it up a bit.

3. The Fitness Fanatic

It can be difficult to know what to get the fitness fanatic in your life if you’re a novice when it comes to health and fitness. However, we think this water bottle which tracks your hydration is pretty useful without getting too technical!

4. The Bookworm

The most obvious option here would be, naturally, a book or two, but we think that’s a bit predictable. Why not delight their inner bookworm with a piece of literary jewellery from Scribblicious? We’re particular fans of this Jane Eyre pendant.

5. The Travel Junkie

Those who love to travel can be difficult to buy for because whilst it would be nice to buy them a trip somewhere, that generally just isn’t a cost efficient option! However, we do love travel inspired jewellery and this wanderlust bracelet on Etsy is a steal at £2.50.

6. The Clothes Obsessive

lighthouse clothing christmas gift guide 2016

We’re a bit biased when it comes to shopping for the clothes obsessive in your life. We think the perfect gift for your partner, friend or relative is a coat or jacket from Lighthouse of course! Our lightly padded, highly waterproof AW16 coats and jackets will see them through many a cold, blustery day beyond January.

Can’t decide on a coat or jacket? Let them have their pick with a Lighthouse gift card!

7. The Geek

The more obscure and fun the better when it comes to geeks and this makes them notoriously difficult to buy for. Whilst you might not be familiar with the obscurities of the comic book or sci-fi world, we thing gifts such as this Stranger Things tote bag or storm trooper beanie hat should go down a treat.

8. The Foodie

There’s lots of food options out there but we think that this grow your own chilli kit is a more thoughtful gift for bringing a bit of heat to dishes on cold winter nights! If your foodie friend isn’t fond of spice then perhaps they’d like this fun festive tea hamper?

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