How to Boost Your Happiness

How to Boost Your Happiness - Lighthouse

True happiness is something we all strive for in life but rarely actually achieve, at least not for any extended amount of time. Life will always have something negative to throw your way but it’s the way in which we handle the negativity and move past it which impacts our levels of happiness.

Sometimes we all need a little guidance and a few reminders of simple truths, so if you’re going through a rough patch and would like to rise above it, why not try incorporating the following tips into your life? It’s often the simple things that we look past which have the biggest significance.

1. Write it down

If you aren’t the sort of person to have a good old moan to your friends and family then instead of letting negativity boil up inside you let it all out with a pen and paper. Writing down your worries and anxiety is a therapeutic way of relieving your stress. It’s also a good way to track any negative thoughts you might be having each day and conquering their regularity and impact.

In the same vein, why not also try keeping a gratitude log to track the aspects of your life that are making you happy and that you’re thankful for. This will help keep things in perspective and to focus on what’s important to you.

2. Savour the small things

Rewarding yourself with small pick-me-ups on bad days is important to keep your spirits up when facing adversity. Maybe it’s inhaling the scent of your favourite herbal tea or stopping by the supermarket for a little treat on your break. These small pick-me-ups can help in relieving the stress of work and everyday life. What’s important is taking the time to appreciate them and not simply consuming them in a hurry. Make sure to take a few moments to enjoy and savour the small things in life each day!

3. Dress up

On our off days, the inclination can be to opt for minimum effort with our appearance. However sometimes this can simply have further negative impact on how we’re feeling.

Put on your favourite pair of shoes or crack out the handbag you use only on special occasions and spend just a few more minutes getting ready. At least if you aren’t feeling the best you’ll still be looking your best!

4. Go outside

Studies have proven that getting outside each day can have a positive impact on your mood, happiness and wellbeing. Of course, in winter, finding in the time to fit in a walk in your local park can be tricky with the limited daylight hours of the winter months.

However, even just 15 minutes spent in the fresh air outside can help relieve tension and the stresses of the day, so grab a moment outdoors whenever you can! (Psst.. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got a cosy raincoat to see you through the winter months!)

5. Laugh

If all else fails and you’re feeling well and truly stuck in a rut, simply laugh! When was the last time you laughed? If you’ve been having a tough time the chances are it hasn’t been for a while. Stick on a your favourite comedy show or stand up comedian that has you in creases every time. You’re guaranteed to feel better after you’ve had a laugh!

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