How to Make the Most of Summer Evenings

How to Make the Most of Summer Evenings - Lighthouse

We’re finally in the height of summer and those dark winter evenings spent banished indoors from the cold, pining for sunshine now feel like a distant memory.

Yet, does curling up on the sofa at 7pm in front of the TV with the curtains pulled to see the screen properly sound familiar?

After waiting so long for summer to arrive, it’s time to really make the most of the extended daylight hours. Britain might not be blessed with the best summer but don’t let that hold you back from making this a summer to remember. After all, it won’t be long until it’s winter again!

So if you want to resist the enticing lure of Netflix in the evening, read on for a bit of inspiration!

1. An Evening Stroll

If anything should inspire a bit of motivation then it’s having the rare spectacle of sunshine outside. The perfect way to make the most of summer evening is to just slip your shoes on and go outside to embrace it! Why not bring a friend and make it into an evening routine once a week? Don’t forget a waterproof coat for those sneaky summer showers though.

2. Dinner Al Fresco

The one activity that just screams summer is dining al fresco. Whether it’s a barbecue or simply serving dinner outside, having your dinner al fresco is a fun way to jazz up meal times. Try your hand at homemade cocktails to inject a touch of class to your evening! Worried about grey skies? Invest in a gazebo to avoid any chance of soggy burgers!

3. Road Trip

If you and your family have a free evening then why not take them on a surprise road trip? Go on a spur of the moment adventure somewhere whether it's a walk by the coast, an exploration of magical woodland or just out for dinner and a stroll in a town or area you've never been before. It won’t be dark until after 10pm anyway…

4. Cycling

Even if you hate exercise, there is no denying that a casual cycle in the sun can be extremely fun. With the gentle evening breeze tickling your face, the sun settling and the smell of freshly cut grass in the air, you might actually catch yourself enjoying exercise!

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