Our Spring Summer 18 Collection

Our Spring Summer 18 Collection - Lighthouse

We don’t know about you, but we’re more than ready for this snowy weather to disappear. This morning I wanted to confidently ditch my woollen coat in favour of a lighter alternative, having decided that the blue skies I saw from my bedroom window were almost certainly an indication that Spring had arrived. Sadly, I was wrong, and have wished for that coat all morning. Having said that, whilst it’s not quite with us yet, Spring has definitely been teasing. The skies are bluer (even if snow laden), the sun stays for longer, and we’re reluctant to boost the heat quite so often.

Since it’s known as the season of new life, we at Lighthouse have embraced this opportunity for change with open arms. Remaining true to our ever-faithful coats and jackets, this season we also want to introduce you to some all new leisurewear that promises to work hand in hand with what you already know and love from us. When it does come time to ditch the heavy fabrics, we’ll have what you’re looking for.

Our Spring/Summer 18 collection offers pieces that transition the feminine wardrobe from the days of tights and boots, to bare legs and sandals; the masculine wardrobe from thick, woollen shirts to soft and breezy cotton; and the wardrobes of little ones from the autumnal tones of bronze and green, to softer hues of pinks and pastels.

We hope you like this collection as much as we do!


Lighthouse Womens and Mens Collection 

Womens Collection

There is no better wardrobe staple than a simple Breton top. The Lighthouse Causeway provides just that. Crafted from 100% cotton but, most importantly, machine washable 100% cotton, the Causeway top aims to become your go-to base layer for easy, everyday styling. There are colours suitable for both the monochrome fan, and the lover of colour. Taking its name from what is arguably the most loved little corner of our land, the Causeway Coast, Lighthouse stays true to its beach and ocean loving roots with this top; the perfect piece for both channeling the nautical vibes of a sailor, and coastal cosiness whilst remaining on land.

Alongside this addition, we want you to meet Annabelle - the dress you can’t do without this Summer. Yet again crafted from 100%, machine-washable cotton, and offering the option of long or short sleeves, Annabelle promises to stand out on your local beach hot spot, on even the busiest of days. Go bold with the Scarlet Stripe and Midnight Dot styles, or stay muted with the short-sleeved, Soft Denim. All three boast square necklines taken straight from the catwalk, and two patch pockets on the front for the packets of tissues that you always end up having to carry about. The relaxed fit ensures that this piece transitions wonderfully from looking after little ones on beach, to dinner in the evening.

Annabelle Dress - New for Spring Summer 18

There can only be good things to say about a shirt called Ocean. Made from light cotton and pastel hues, this piece offers a choice of three patterns - Stripe Oxford, Soft Denim, and Dot Oxford. All three work beautifully with denim, offering a simple, versatile layering piece for everyday wear.

For those chillier days, grab yourself a Shore cotton jersey. Whilst scarves are no longer necessary, the zipped funnel neck feature of this Lighthouse pullover ensures optimum cosiness for late night beach walks. Shore’s colour range compliments the baby blue contrast cuff and collar lining, mixing wearable brights with more inoffensive pastels. If you’re more of a zip-up fan, try Tyrella, that takes its name from another well-trodden patch of our island. Offering sweet dotty prints on greens and pink, these pieces can be easily infiltrated into any wardrobe.


Shore Half Zip Sweatshirt - New for Spring Summer 18


Although new things are exciting, you can always rely on the Lighthouse staples: coats. When you pull your well-loved, yet mysteriously marked anorak from its hook in the cloakroom this week, you may well realise that it’s time for an update. That’s where we come in. We offer you Paige, Abby, Bowline, Fran, Anya, and Beachcomber - take your pick. We’ve kept our classics, and introduced some new colours and styles. If you’re worried about coming across as much too girly, we’ve kept our shapes boxy and edges sharp, yet maintaining sophisticated femininity. If you’re more inclined to cinch yourself in at the waist, there’s options for that too - match your silhouette to what makes you feel most confident.  


Women's Beachcomber Jacket. New for Spring Summer 18

Men's Collection

This season, we want to keep men comfortable; beginning with the choosing of clothing, and following that through into the clothing itself. Sticking closely to the classic, coastal colours of navy and blue, with accents of natural greens, and the occasional rich oxblood thrown in for interest, we have created some all-round great pieces of leisurewear that will slip easily into an already established wardrobe.


Pier men's classic polo shirt. New for Spring Summer 18.


For instance, our Pier polo shirt. Crafted from 100% cotton and cotton rich fabrics (depending on colour) this timelessly stylish shirt features distressed wooden button detailing, and all the other aspects of a reliable polo shirt. Easily worn and easily machine washed, Pier, paired with some chino shorts, makes for the perfect top-half of a casual beach day outfit.

Alternatively, pair our Wayfarer Henley style button down with a pair of blue jeans for a style more suited to a country park stroll. This long sleeved top offers cotton rich, soft jersey material in Nautical Stripe, Navy Marl, or Oxblood Stripe, with the added interest of distressed button detailing and ribbing on the neck and cuffs. Likewise, our half-zip sweater, Seafarer, provides the same comfort of both the Pier and Wayfarer in a slightly more sporty fashion - a great piece for evening layering. All three feature the lovely Lighthouse logo on the chest.

A new style for Lighthouse, but a classic for men’s wardrobes since the 1800s, is an Oxford shirt. This Spring/Summer we want to introduce Tide, in all the greys and blues that blend with the sea and sky of the Northern Irish coast. All are 100% cotton, and feature distressed wooden buttons and contrast collar lining. For a solid BBQ look, leave open, sleeves rolled up, over a crisp white t-shirt.


Men's Tide Shirt - Light Oxford.

New in collection from Lighthouse


As with Lighthouse womenswear, menswear too needs some coats. Choose your favourite from Benone, Drifter, Islander, and Portland. New this season, is Portland, our light, waterproof sports jacket with a concealed hood. All promise to transition from Spring, into Summer, and on into Autumn - you never know when you’ll need a coat.


Girls Collection

Summer for little girls is all about colour! Live vicariously through your child in adorably bold patterns, or create a coherent theme across your looks and go classily matchy-matchy.


New In Kids Collection from Lighthouse


In an almost copy-cat style to our ladies Annabelle dress, we have created its mini-me - Belle. Choose from Sweet Pea Stripe and Blue Bay Dot, both boasting 100% soft cotton material, long sleeves, and pretty herringbone details. We’ve put just as much care into clothes for your little ones as we have for you.

Alongside this, we have Daisy, a comfortable, colourful crew neck tee. Yet again crafted from 100% cotton and always machine washable, this top can keep off the chill whilst remaining a fun base piece. This looks great teamed with a set of shorty dungarees.

For those really breezy days, choose Robyn, our cotton rich jersey pullover. There’s the bright Fuchsia Rose Marl for the girly-girl, or Blue Stripe for a softer alternative. Funnel necked for burying wind chilled cheeks into, with all the lovely details of all Lighthouse clothing.


Girl's Fleur Coat in Blue Bay Dot.


Pretty prints and bright colours don’t mean sacrificing practicality and reliability. The girls’ Fleur coat, with either sweet white polka dots printed on blue, or a multicoloured floral and butterfly print on pink, is fully waterproof, and has a jersey lined hood that sits neatly around small heads. The inside is just as cosy, and the front pockets are big enough for collecting shells, rocks, and other gems scattered along the beach. Alternatively, for a more grown-up look, there’s Phoebe; a windproof, showerproof coat in a beautiful parma blue.


Boys Collection

For the boys Spring/Summer 18 collection, we’re taking a dive into the deep blue sea.


Atlantic boy's waterproof coat.


Little men who love to learn will appreciate the attention to detail of the Lighthouse Atlantic’s hand-drawn whale print. Mums, on the other hand, will appreciate its waterproof, breathable, and machine washable fabric. Then there’s Sailor, the all-out, fisherman vibes alternative. Available in bright, rubberised yellow, with contrast navy and white stripe lining, this is a classic Summer staple for a budding water-farer or puddle jumper.


Jack boy's hoodie in pillar box red


For layering under these coats, try Alfie and Noah, both very new to the Lighthouse catalogue. Alfie boasts a relaxed, rugby style with 100% cotton jersey material in bright, boyish colours. Noah is Alfie’s more simplistic little brother, offering striped styles in a simple crew neck tee, with one stand-out contrast pocket. Both look oh so grown-up, but comfortably casual, with rolled up denim shorts. No fussy, uncomfortable fabrics for him, meaning (hopefully) few fussy tantrums for Mums and Dads.

And there we have the Lighthouse offerings for Spring/Summer 18.

We hope to have provided you with pieces that allow for the creation of a subtle, coherent look for the entire family. More obvious nautical vibes, relaxed leisurewear, and accents of colour make this Lighthouse range different from other seasons, yet nothing is too bold that it can’t transition well into Autumn and even beyond.

Creating robust, reliable pieces for you and your family, that only look more loved as they age, is at the forefront of what we aim to do. When your clothing can be easily thrown into the washing machine, or wiped down with a cloth, you might as well enjoy as much adventuring as you can this Summer!

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