SS17 Styling Tips for When the Weather Isn’t so Summery

SS17 Styling Tips for When the Weather Isn’t so Summery - Lighthouse

We’re getting to that point where the new fashion trends for this Spring Summer are being introduced (including our own very soon!) but there’s just one problem - we don’t have weather adequate enough to start wearing a large majority of it yet (apart from ours of course)!

Yes, we’ve slipped into that limbo between the end of winter and the start of Spring where Spring weather really takes its time to kick in. With UK weather hanging on steadfast to the chilly remnants of winter well into March (and maybe even April), adapting spring summer style for cold weather has become a must.

While you might not be able to get away with bare legs floral dress and cute ballerina pumps just yet (there might be 2 or 3 days this summer that the weather will be comfortable enough for that!) spring summer style can definitely be adapted to the UK’s penchant for rain and we have a few tips to make doing that a bit easier!

1. Get creative with layering

In the depths of winter we tend to grab the warmest items possible and bundle ourselves into them before bracing ourselves for the chill outside.

However, by the time February rolls around, shops are launching their new spring summer ranges, sunshine is deceiving you into thinking that it’s warm and all of a sudden you find yourself impatient to ditch your faithful old winter coat and opt for something brighter!

This is where creative layering comes in. Layering for chilly but not quite winter weather without compromising on style or making your outfit look bulky can be surprisingly tricky.

With the sheer “see through” look staying strong for SS17 layering couldn't be easier since this look very much requires an extra layer beneath. Wearing jumpers and shirts underneath sleeveless dresses is another great way to evolve your look to something a bit more summery but also stay warm at the same time.

Don’t limit layering to just your torso, double up your socks and if you’re dead set on wearing a dress on cold days double up your tights to stay toasty without compromising your look. Although just a small edit, it will keep your legs and feet warm which will make a huge difference.

2. Scarves

Bright colours, statement stripes and (of course) florals are going to be a big part of SS17. Just because it might not be floral dress weather doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate SS17 style and keep warm through clever accessorising.

3. Footwear

When the sun’s out, your ballerina pumps might be calling out to you but when surprise showers and cold winds conspire you’ll be feeling very sorry about your footwear decision.

Luckily, socks and boots (and “sockboots…”) are set to be big in SS17. So don’t go stowing away your boots for next winter, adapt them to your SS17 wardrobe with a dress, tights and boots combo or even pair them with long socks and a dress if you feel the weather is being particularly kind.

4. Shirts

Shirts are forecast to be a big part of SS17 style. Of course this is an easy style to add an extra layer underneath when the weather’s cold, but also think of it as an opportunity to incorporate SS17’s other styles such as those bright colours, florals and statement stripes!

Our SS17 coats go great with stripes!

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