The Little Fletcher's Spotted Wearing Little Lighthouse!

The Little Fletcher's Spotted Wearing Little Lighthouse! - Lighthouse

At Lighthouse HQ, we were delighted to see Giovanna and Tom Fletcher's little ones, Buzz and Buddy looking adorable in matching Little Lighthouse Sailor coats!

Sailor is our first rubberised raincoat for boys. Vibrant sunshine hues and "fisherman" style make Sailor perfect for coastal escapes and discovering new places on your next adventure together.

We also have our very first rubberised raincoat for girls too: the Phoebe coat.

Buddy Fletcher Lighthouse Clothing 

Parents Tom and Giovanna have previously been spotted wearing Lighthouse coats & leisurewear such as - Navigator, Haven, Beachcomber, Isla and Bluejay.

But we aren't counting or anything...

It's great to see the whole Fletcher family are now Lighthouse fans!

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