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Top Tips For Stylish Travel - Lighthouse

Most of us choose to pack anything and everything when it comes to our summer holiday, city break or weekend getaway. Packing for an overnight stay can soon turn into a mammoth chore opting for a suitcase over a backpack or a checked on bag rather than just hand luggage.

Avoid unnecessary stress and hassle by applying an organized method to your packing routine and travel ever more stylishly with just a little prep.

1. Plan your outfits

Ensure that you have enough clothes for your trip, without going overboard, by carefully laying out each outfit for every day of your holiday. Adding in shoes and jewellery will mean that you know exactly how you will be accessorizing every outfit.

2. Bring only what you will wear

This really goes without saying, but it’s something that we all fall play to, time and time again. The secret to travelling light is literally to only bring what’s absolutely necessary.

You cannot pack for every eventuality. By following tip 1, (planning out your outfits) you will have everything that you need for your entire holiday without wasting valuable suitcase space with bits and bobs that you’ll never wear.

For every item that you pack, ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?’ or ‘will I actually wear this?’ If the answer is a wavering maybe, then perhaps it’s best to just exclude it entirely. Every item you pack should make you feel happy, confident and ready for a day exploring.

3. Think small and portable

More suitcase space = more space for shopping and souvenirs. Cramming your suitcase full to the brim before you’ve even embarked on your journey is never a good idea. Precious items can get squashed and broken and it could lead to a hefty overweight fine on your trip home.

Pack smarter and think small, portable items that can fit neatly in your suitcase and take up minimal room. Downsize your toiletries bag, roll up any towels and take multi-purpose items. A sarong can double up as headwear or a shawl and a wrap dress can be worn with flip-flops during the day and dressed up with heels in the evening.

4. Be prepared

As mentioned in tip 2, you can’t be ready for every eventuality. However, with a little prep you can make sure that you aren’t caught out when the weather turns.

Check the weather forecast a day or two before you leave. Have a look through what items you’ve packed and ask yourself if you have a back up for when showers appear and the temperature dips. A COLLECTION lightweight, waterproof coat or jacket may well come in handy, so why not wear it on the journey over or pack it into your hand luggage ready to be pulled out when you need it.

5. Hand luggage holy grail

Always bring a change of clothes in your hand luggage. It doesn’t even bare thinking about it, but mistakes happen and errors are made when it comes to baggage handling. Cases can be put on the wrong flights or can go missing for days.

Don’t let it spoil your trip and make sure that you have a contingency plan for if and when your case goes walkies. Pack an extra outfit and a pair of pumps or trainers in your handbag, just in case the worst should happen.

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