What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Raincoat

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Raincoat - Lighthouse

Yes, we mean the raincoat you envision yourself strolling out the door in rain or shine. That perfect coat. The one that's on-trend, comfortable, co-ordinated and waterproof. Warm when it's cold and breathable when you’re warm. Does such a thing exist you ask? We're confident.

Of course finding the perfect raincoat is completely dependent on a lot of variables - comfort, price, fit and your own personal style. Checking off these boxes is all about taking time to make an informed decision - how often has an impulse buy ever been the perfect item you thought it would be?

While online shopping is great for the sheer multitude of choice it provides, this means nothing if you're clueless about what the product will actually be like beyond a mere photo on a website.

That's why we've put together a guide on what you should know before choosing a raincoat, to help you make an informed decision and confidently step out the door rain or shine just like you've always envisioned.


If you live in the UK or Ireland, a waterproof coat really is an essential due to the sheer amount of rain you are assured of no matter what month it is. Here in Northern Ireland we celebrate sunny days with caution, that’s why a waterproof coat that’s also light, for when the sun does make an appearance, is essential.

But what does waterproofness mean and how waterproof is waterproof?

Most of our coats are 5000MM which means that our coats have 5 metres worth of waterproofness. Waterproofness is measured through a test, - which involves placing a column on a piece of the garment and filling the column with water. The water is increased until the fabric starts to leak. It's pretty rainy in the UK and Ireland but is it rainy enough to get through 5 metres of waterproofness? Put it to the test!

Fully Taped Seams

Stitching in a garment is a way in which leakage can occur as water can seep through the tiny holes. Heat shrunk taping is used on our stitched seams in order to tackle this problem. Fully taped seams combined with our level of waterproofness means that rain hasn’t got a chance of getting through.


Details will really seal the deal for you because in the end, it's great having practical outerwear but it’s also important you look good in it too! Detailing is what makes the Lighthouse range so special, from our antique brass zips to nautical, boating inspired drawstrings, our detailing combines practicality with style ensuring you can find yourself the perfect raincoat. To help you get an overview we have our main details and features explained...

- Turn Back Cuffs  

Our Fayda, Isla, Bluejay and Romy all have turn back cuff detailing to show off hand drawn prints and understated pinstripe lining that infuse your look with a delicate, understated style. It also gives you two different ways to style your jacket whilst on the go.

- Curved Hem  

Almost all of our coats have curved hems and this feature gives you extra rain protection for those extremely wet days!

- 2 Way Zip

A two way zip is super handy for our longer coats like Fayda because you can unzip the lower half of it for ease when stepping into cars, horse riding, cycling or any other strenuous activities.

- Adjustable Waist

Fayda and Isla both have adjustable waist drawcords meaning you can edit your style whenever you feel like it. Our nautical drawcords also lend a subtle burst of additional styling detailing.

- Foldaway/Adjustable Hood

Many of our coats and jackets have foldaway hoods while others have adjustable hoods meaning you can remove and adjust it to edit your look whenever you like.

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