Two Way Zip


How to use a 2-way zip

The 2-way zip is a popular feature of coats in our Heritage and Kids collections. From time to time, we are asked questions about its use and the general purpose of it. We decided to put together this helpful post to provide a few hints and tips describing how to use it and why we think it's such a great feature. 

What is the purpose of a 2-way zip?

2-way zips are designed to open from the bottom of the zip and from the top. This is to give you more room at the hem of the coat so you will be more comfortable sitting down. It is also ideal for just letting in some air or retrieving something from a pocket underneath without having to undo the whole zip. Additionally, 2-way zips are great for making it easier when stepping into cars, as well as onto horses or bikes. You can unzip the lower half of the zip while keeping the top section zipped.

How do I use my 2-way zip?

Below is a simple diagram to help you use your 2-way zip correctly. You just need to make sure that both parts of the zipper are firmly seated at the bottom before inserting the free zip edge into both, then pull the top slider upwards while holding the bottom slider firmly in place to zip up the coat. You can then easily pull the bottom slider up to open the coat from the bottom.

If not appropriately secured at the bottom this can cause the zip to struggle to move and/or appear to split when trying to zip the coat up.


 Please also go to the following link to watch our video:

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