5 Fun Hobbies to Try Out

5 Fun Hobbies to Try Out - Lighthouse

Sometimes we need to try something new. Perhaps you want to start filling your evenings with something other than binge watching the latest Netflix series or watching endless YouTube videos. Or maybe you’ve just been in search of some kind of creative outlet. Why not try something from our pick of hobby ideas? Netflix isn’t going anywhere after all…

1. Meditation

This might not be your average hobby, but making time to relax and breathe in the midst of our busy lives is becoming increasingly important. In our social media-centric world, it can be difficult to switch off when the 24/7 nature of social media means it’s always active, there’s always something happening and some notification to check. Learning to unplug from our devices, our worries and our workload and make time totally for yourself isn’t easy, it’s something that comes with practice. Luckily there’s lots of resources out there to help you learn meditation such as Zen Habits and Tiny Buddha and there’s lots of types of meditation so you can choose the type that’s best suited to you.

2. Writing

Writing is an excellent creative outlet and the great thing about it is that anyone can do it - yes anyone! All you need is paper and a pen/pencil and you’re ready to go. It really is that simple. No matter what you want to write whether it’s just keeping a journal each day, creative writing or starting a blog, it’s forming a habit out of it that’s important. You might not be excellent at it at first but you must keep at it, that's what hobbies are all about after all.

3. Colouring In

In the past couple of years there has been a rise in adult colouring books as a means of a relaxing past-time. They might feel a bit silly at first but if you aren’t one for drawing or painting they can be a great form of creative outlet, helping you unwind at the end of the day and with a colourful, eye catching picture as the end product.

4. Origami

Much like colouring in, origami is a great way of unwinding and allowing your mind to detach from the day’s worries as it helps you focus your mind and energy on one task. However, as an activity it’s certainly not an easy one. Fiddling around with small pieces of paper might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however it is something that does require patience. Like all hobbies, don’t expect to be brilliant at it from the moment you begin - where would be the fun in that anyway?

5. Upcycling

Thanks to the likes of Pinterest, up cycling and making beautiful things out of old materials has never been more popular. There’s a whole multitude of interesting and unique things you can make, all you need to do is have a scan through Pinterest to be brimming with inspiration. From old lightbulbs to that old dresser you were thinking of getting rid of, you’ll start to think twice before you throw something out! Plus, the satisfaction when the finished product looks great will make it all well worth it.

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