5 New Years Resolution Ideas

5 New Years Resolution Ideas - Lighthouse

As 2017 edges ever closer we have cause to look back upon the year gone by - the good times, the bad times and everything in between.

What would you have done differently? This is often the question through which we decide our resolutions. However, if you’re in need of a bit of motivation for making 2017 your best year yet, we have a few resolutions ideas.

1. Less social media time

If you counted up those idle minutes spent scrolling through memes and photos of distant acquaintances then you may find that you’d rack up a lot of more time than you’d think. This is time that could be spent doing those things you think you never have time to do!

Try to catch yourself out whenever you stop what you’re doing and reach for your phone. Ask yourself what you’re using it for and if it’s more important than what you’re currently doing whether that’s having coffee with a friend, tidying up the house or reading a book. The less we punctuate our lives with social media & save it for a designated time each day then we may find we get more done. Here’s to a productive 2017!

2. Get outdoors more

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates of getting outside and enjoying the simple and rejuvenating qualities of the outdoors. However, it can feel difficult to fit in time outside in our busy lives. Why not make a conscious effort to do this in 2017? Even getting outside for 15 mins each time can lift your mood and improve the quality of your day.

3. Read more books

Reading is an activity that often falls to they wayside whenever TV is so easily accessible and there’s an absolute wealth of watching material to choose from. In our social media heavy lives it can feel tricky to concentrate on a book as we itch to check that Facebook notification. It’s important to fight that urge and train yourself to concentrate. Books can really enrich your mind and you’ll find over time they’ll be difficult to put down.

4. Remember to slow down

This is a pretty simple one but it’s something that we tend to forget in the rush of our daily lives. Learning to slow down and appreciate the small things in the midst of stress can be can be tricky and take time to master but it’s super important if you’re prone to stress in our work-centric culture.

Why not make 2017 the year to implement techniques to help yourself unwind and slow down when your stress levels are high?

5. Keep a diary

Do weeks blur into months and you struggle to remember what you did yesterday never mind last week? If you want to keep a record of your day and have memories to read through years from now then keeping a diary could be great new years resolution for you.

Don’t berate yourself too much if you can’t manage to write in it every day - start off with once a week and see how you get on.

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