5 Things to do Around your Home this Spring

5 Things to do Around your Home this Spring - Lighthouse

As the days start to get milder and we drift into the Spring season, our thoughts often turn from hibernation to readying ourselves for the brighter days to come.

The beauty of waking up after the Winter is surely the anticipation of all that’s ahead. Preparing for throwing open windows, evenings spent outside, fresh colours and clean scents. Decluttering and making like new.

With that in mind, why not try some of these simple ideas to embody that Spring spirit, and give your home (and yourself!) a little lift at the start of this new season.

1. Declutter

spring ideas for around your home

From sideboards to toy boxes, cupboards to closets, this is the perfect time to set about getting things ship shape. Think about storage solutions – whether it be baskets and boxes, under-bed crates or files and folders for paperwork. An organised home can really aid in calming the mind, not to mention making it so much easier to find things too!

Think about listing unused items on resale sites, or donating to charitable causes. Clearing out with conscience!

2. Refresh

spring ideas for around your home

Spring is the perfect time for a deep clean of all those areas that we miss in the Winter months. It can be tedious to do, but put on your favourite upbeat tunes and blast tiny sections of your home each day. Set achievable goals (twenty minutes on the skirting boards / ten minutes on cupboard doors…) and enjoy a sense of achievement when you meet them. 

3. Revive

The simplest of updates can make such a difference to your home, taking it from Winter mode to Spring. Think about soft furnishings, and replace woollen blankets and faux fur cushions with linens and cottons. Choose a neutral or pastel colour palette for the new season – soft pinks, blues and lemons intermingled with cream, white and beige is fresh and really Spring appropriate.

4. Add Colour

5 things to do around the home this spring

To complement brighter interiors, think about adding colour on mantelpieces and sideboards too. Choose bright Spring blooms, pots of miniature bulbs, and even branches of blossom or magnolia for a dramatic feature. Layer floral displays in vases and bottles of different heights and sizes for a quirky, individual look.

5. Plan

Now is the perfect time to think about outdoor plans, and prepare your garden for the Summer. Research the best plant and shrub options for your soil, think about tidying up and consolidating what is there currently, and choose any outdoor furniture or garden essentials that you might wish to purchase. Some bulbs will need planted in these early Spring weeks so bear that in mind when thinking about landscaping for the months to come.

Here's to the wonderful new season ahead!

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