5 Top Rainy Day Activities for You and the Little Ones

5 Top Rainy Day Activities for You and the Little Ones - Lighthouse

As much as we keep our fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine during the summer months, sunny days are few and dar between and rainy Spring days are simply an inevitability.

It feels wrong and slightly outrageous but unfortunately rain is a simple reality of living in the UK and Ireland!

Keep disappointment about Spring weather at bay by trying out a few of our suggestions for rainy day activities.

1. Build your own home cinema

Let's be honest, there's a child-like excitement within us all for building sofa forts. The way they can transform your sofa into a cosy enclosure of pure cocooned comfort - what's not to love?

Above all, it's the perfect retreat from the audacity of the rain pouring down outside. In fact, if anything the knowledge of the rain outside will up the comfort levels. Pick out your fav movie and snacks and huddle up together until the downpour ceases... maybe even beyond that!

2. Cook together

Get their attention away from their Xbox or Playstation for a couple of hours by making something yummy together!

Why not have a themed night such as a pizza night and let your little ones build their own personalised home-made pizza... the more creative the better.

It will be a fun activity for you to do together and you'll have pizza - is that not the perfect scenario?

3. A tea party

Get out your fanciest tea set (if you're brave enough) or invest in a plastic set. Make some delicious home-made snacks and have your very own make-shift afternoon tea party together. Cuddly toy invitees encouraged!

4. Cover up and go outside anyway

Chances are your little ones would love to get out exploring in the rain and splashing through the puddles.

So, if the idea of stayed cooped up in the house is unappealing and you fancy a bit of fresh air, why not throw all caution to the wind and head outdoors?

Cover up your little ones up with a quality COLLECTIONS kids waterproof coat. Our range of stylish, vibrant COLLECTION coats and COLLECTION jackets are the cover up needed to inject a bit of colour and style when spring days turn drab.

5. Have a Board Game Night

Board games are like old friends. Upon seeing them you realise you simply do not see them often enough. Nostalgia awakening, good times fuelling, you don't even need to be in front of a screen for it!

Twister, Guess Who, Operation, Buckaroo... What will you include in your board game night?

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