6 Self Care Ideas to Easily Do Today

6 Self Care Ideas to Easily Do Today - Lighthouse

Do you constantly find yourself putting off the things you want to do because there is so much you need to do? In the hustle and bustle of life, our own wellbeing can have a tendency of falling to the wayside as work and responsibilities creep up and take priority.

This self-neglect can leave us feeling worn over time, physically and emotionally. It might take us some time to realise it, but this self-sacrifice only leads to low spirits and will ultimately affect the quality of our work and our attitude to responsibilities.

If you're struggling to get out of the "all work and no play" rut, we have a few quick and easy self care ideas that might just give you the lift you need.

Remember all the activities on this self care list won't eat at too much of your time. The world won't stop because you've taken a moment (or even a couple of hours) to yourself.

1. Hydration

When you're going from meeting to meeting and rushing around trying to complete a never-ending task list, it's easy to forget the very basics of our own wellbeing, such as hydrating ourselves.

If you're feeling tired or have a headache starting, stopping and doing something as small as taking a drink of water will help energise and hydrate you. It's easy to forget about the small things, but they go a long way.

2. Less Technology

I know, I know, we're always advocating unplugging from social media from time to time on here.

However, reading the influx of social media updates in our idle moments will not help you unwind or destress, rather, probably stress you out more.

The last thing you want to see when you sit down after a long day of work is that friend of a friend you met a couple of times off sunning themselves on another holiday.

Why not try taking a walk, reading a book or listening to a podcast and give the scrolling a break?

3. Natural Light

The environment we're in may have more bearing on how we feel than you might think.

For instance, when you're home isn't as tidy as you like, does it make you feel stressed or down?

Natural light is said to be a great way to naturally lift our moods. Try opening your curtains first thing in the morning and sitting in the natural light for a few minutes while you have breakfast. It may be just the thing you need to get your day off to a good start!

4. Listen to your Favourite Songs

Have a driving home playlist at the ready to melt away the worries of the day and bring you to your happy place.

5. Treat Yourself to a Small Pick-Me-Up

Emphasis on the word "small" here. We aren't suggesting you go on a shopping spree to blow off some steam (that may eventually stress you out more!)

Rather, if you're feeling down, worn out, or stressed, pop out to your fav cafe for your fav sweet treat or buy yourself that new book you've been wanting for ages.

6. Take a Bath

There's nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself. When we're feeling worn out, a bath to pamper ourselves for half an hour will help to leave us feeling rejuvenated to take on life with renewed energies!

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