Designing The Range You Want

Designing The Range You Want - Lighthouse

Each range we create looks and feels great. Our style led outerwear won't let weather ruin your day or get in the way making brilliant memories. Each piece is as much at home on the high street or at the school gates as it is on a long beach walk in coastal drizzle.

But how do we go about creating each range, so that it offers exactly what you need? Here’s how…



Each new range starts the previous year. The design team research everything from new materials to trending styles. New fabrics are tested and developed to improve style and function. Each design is refined, each colour palette is considered and in the end when every style has been perfected, the range is agreed.



Making the right fabric choices is a big part of the process. With a variety of 100% cotton, cotton rich and peach finished polyester fabrics we have developed the best materials for each price point.



Along with our range of waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics for AW17, we have also developed a warm shearling fleece lining for our Raven Jacket which is beautifully soft and wonderfully cosy. The winter-ready Raven is already a best seller and staff favourite.



Our other coats & jackets have beautiful insulated quilting with soft cotton rich chambray lining, making each style season-proof and wonderfully comfortable to wear. Our jackets will become your wardrobe’s favourite go-to pieces.



Enjoy daily life and everyday adventures in our style led season-proof clothing. We believe some of the best moments are shared in beautiful places with the people that matter - don't let the weather get in the way of making those memories.



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