How to Fit More Travel into Your Life

How to Fit More Travel into Your Life - Lighthouse

We've all dreamed of sunnier climes and a change of scenery from time to time... or more frequently... This happens particularly when we feel we need a break from the routines we've built for ourselves.

Yet, the thing about booking a summer holiday and spending months on end day-dreaming about it is that returning to reality afterwards feels very tough.

Fitting more travel into your life doesn't mean taking weeks on end off work or quitting your job completely to go and travel the world.

It's about fitting little pieces of travel into your life wherever you can. It might sound cheesy, but there is so much opportunity for adventure waiting right on your doorstep.

We all feel "too busy" and "tired" at times to fit anything other than Netflix and a takeaway into our free time. However, whenever this becomes an entrenched routine as much as everything else, it's time to make time to do something different.

For instance, is there a place you've always wanted to do a drive to but just "never had the time?" By actively making time i.e swapping those Saturdays spent wearing your pyjamas all day, to fit in these small but albeit important little trips away, you're actively fitting more travel into your life despite not perhaps going very far at all!

It might just be for the day or it might be for a whole weekend, either way, you'll be travelling beyond your own small circle of routine, what you're used to and quite literally where you spend your life.

You'll be seeing, small but nonetheless significant, nooks and crannies of the world that will refresh your perspective and make you appreciate rather than constantly berate your routine.

Taking relatively long holidays away once in a while and spending the rest of the year moping about "wanting to get away" isn't really ideal. Fitting small pieces of travel into your life seems more logical than exclusively long stretches one or two times a year.

It's also worth noting that in the age of the internet, it has never been easier and more affordable to book last minute trips more further afield in the UK and Ireland that are totally suited to our individual budgets. We have budget airlines and travel websites such as, Trip Advisor and Expedia (to name but a few) to thank for this.

And let's face it; there are few things more exciting (and satisfying) than nabbing a really great last minute deal. Often spur-of-the-moment trips are the best kind of trips!

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