How to Have the Perfect Lazy Day

How to Have the Perfect Lazy Day - Lighthouse

Lazy days, duvet days, chill out days… Whatever you call them, we all need them once in a while when the rise of busy lives becomes a bit much.

If you feel it’s time to recharge your batteries, we’ve put together a few tips to make sure your lazy day is one to remember (through a haze of too much Netflix and takeaway food of course!)

Turn off Your Phone

Many of us use our idle moments to heedlessly scroll through Facebook until half an hour has passed and we feel guilty for being distracted for so long! So, while it might be difficult for many, turning your phone off and giving yourself a break from social media and email checking for a day will be an essential step in recharging your batteries. Besides, you’ll be able to give your full and undivided attention to the TV now…

Have a Movie/TV Show Plan

While we aren’t suggesting you go all out planning what is supposed to be a wholeheartedly chilled out day, having pre-selected movies and TV shows will stop you from spending ages scrolling through Netflix torn between all the options!

Takeaway Food

This one really goes without saying - No lazy day is complete without an extreme amount of takeaway food! Pizza, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican… the delicious options feel endless! Nothing is to be be cooked by you on a lazy day, so don’t even think about going into the kitchen unless it is to grab a fork for your takeaway!

Comfy Clothes

Are you even having a lazy day if you don’t have on the comfiest pyjamas you can find?!

Pamper Yourself

If you have chipped nail polish, tired feet and generally feel like you’re needing a day to rejuvenate then why not crack a facemask and your favourite bubble bath out? We often forget to pamper ourselves, so we start to feel much better when we actually get round to it!

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