How to Survive Festival Season

How to Survive Festival Season - Lighthouse

In the excitement for seeing our favourite bands and artists this summer we can tend to put our basic festival survival skills on the backburner. Here are a few helpful festival survival tips to keep in mind to ensure that you have the best festival season yet!

1. Bin Liners Are Your Friend

Yes, you did read that correctly, bin liners and plastic bags will prove endlessly useful to you on the campsite. For wet, muddy wellies, damp clothes and rubbish, keep your trusty bin liners and plastic bags close to hand to keep your tent and camping area organised and tidy (well, as much as it can be!)

2. Prepare for the Worst and Best Weather

While it’s almost a guarantee that there will be rain, there’s also a chance that there may indeed be sunshine (we’re optimists). This poses a tricky challenge for packing when we just don’t know what to expect. Best to pack for the best of both worlds. This means ensuring you have plenty of spare pairs of socks and tights, hoodies and a waterproof coat or jacket but also a dress on the off-chance that you might get to wear a more summery ensemble!

3. Don’t Bring Your Best Clothes

Festivals are tricky. While you want to look your best, bringing your favourite pieces of clothing is going to be a terrible idea. It’s better to opt for comfort and inject style to it rather than risk getting your favourite dress flecked with mud. Which will be everywhere.

4. Arrange a Meeting Point

While you might have high hopes about saving your smartphone battery, it is likely to run our on you during a whole weekend away from proper charging facilities. Of course it’s wise to bring a hardier phone with longer battery life with you but remember that mobile coverage at festivals doesn’t tend to be the most reliable. This is why arranging a meeting point is so important for if you or a friend get split up from the group.

5. Remember to Drink… Water

Festivals tend to be where we are prone to overindulging with alcoholic beverages. However, don’t forget to keep hydrated and drink some water amidst the festival madness!

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