National Rain Day: Reasons to Love the Rain

National Rain Day: Reasons to Love the Rain - Lighthouse

In the UK and Ireland we are no strangers to rain - even during the summer.

Many a day’s plans have been ruined by it, outfits changed to accomodate for it and feet soaked by it. It’s safe to say, many of us don’t have a soft spot for the rain.

Yet, there exists a small minority of folk who actually like the rain! Yes, you read that correctly. A pluviophile is a lover of rain, someone who finds peace of mind during the biggest downpours. I know, right?

Since it’s National Rain Day today (in July…) we want to awaken the inner pluviophile within us all, however tiny it may be! Because perhaps we are too hard on the rain, and thus forget about the few charms it has.

So without further ado, read on for the reasons we think rain isn’t so bad after all…

It Sounds Soothing

What is it about raindrops pounding against the window that’s so delightful to our ears? There’s a reason that whole playlists have been made around the sound of rain - it’s relaxing and soothing! So next time the heavens instead of sighing about it why not take the time to relax and unwind by listening to your own personal rain song?

Helps You Feel Cosy

It is a well known fact that knowing it is raining heavily outside will enhance any relaxing duvet day by 75% (statistics may not be entirely correct…). In fact, heavy rain is the perfect excuse for an impromptu duvet day, any day. Supposed to hit the town for the evening but the rain is putting you off? Stick on your pyjamas, order a takeaway and be safe in the knowledge that you made the right call as the rain pounds against your window!

It’s Fun to Watch

There is no denying that there is a certain mesmerising quality to rain that just doesn’t match up to a sunny day. Sure, sunsets are great but do they really captivate you in the same way a heavy rain shower does? Bask in the sublime power of a heavy downpour!

Stylish Rainwear

Quite often when it’s raining it catches us by surprise and we have to change that stylish but albeit not rain appropriate outfit you had planned. This can be an irritating turn of events. Luckily for you we have a whole range of COLLECTION rainwear that’s colourful, stylish and importantly waterproof so you can nail summer style but also keep dry while you’re at it.

That After Rain Scent

When the storm has died down and calmness ensues once more, emerging to that after rain scent is glorious. Coaxing yourself out of the house to go for a walk is made much easier by the promise of the phenomenon of the after rain scent.

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