So, you like the Causeway Breton top? See it styled...

So, you like the Causeway Breton top? See it styled... - Lighthouse

If you feel a little stuck for outfit ideas after this long winter in dark hues, we at Lighthouse want to provide some kind of style inspiration to get you started! Through these journals we want to show you how we’ll be wearing some of our favourite Spring/Summer pieces this season, how we’ve styled them within our own range, and how we’ve branched out to pair our pieces with brands you already know and love.


We want you to be able to pick up any of our Spring/Summer range items and style them easily for any kind of adventure!


A good place to start for the inbetweeny weather of April is a simple long sleeved top. For us, there is arguably no better choice than the Causeway Breton Top. For this look, we’ve chosen Scarlet Stripe, but there are four more colours for you to choose from should you wish for something different. All this season’s colourways have been chosen with the soft, pastel hues of Spring in mind, so you definitely won’t be stuck.


What we like about long sleeves at this time of year is that if it gets a little warmer than expected you can roll them up and be good to go!


Subtly nautical in style, the Causeway Breton Top has been designed to fit in at the Causeway Coast. We wanted to introduce leisurewear to our catalog this year to ensure that you had the best, most comfortable options for under your iconic Lighthouse coat.


This top is 100% cotton, and stands out from other Breton styles thanks to added detailing from our designer. Little details can make all the difference to an outfit!


The boat neckline of the Causeway is super on trend, and the back neck zip provides a little more interest to that already fashionable, relaxed fit style. This kind of thought follows through with the rest of our range, hopefully creating a coherency to the looks of your Spring/Summer ’18.


For this look, we’ve tucked the Scarlet Stripe Causeway Breton Top into this navy blue skirt from Warehouse. A classic A-line silhouette pairs wonderfully with this Lighthouse top; nothing fussy, just timeless style. This too is 100% cotton, so you’ve got guaranteed comfort across your look.


We like this skirt because you can don some navy tights for now, then ditch them and brave bare legs when the sunshine gets stronger (and when you’re ready to tan). Alternatively, if you’re not a skirt person, the Causeway top would look just as good with some navy, cotton peg trousers.


Keep the look simple with some white low-top Converse and a mid-wash blue denim jacket from Next. You cannot go wrong with a denim jacket, and the change of fabric provides some extra texture and depth that differs from the softness of cotton.


To complete the look, add some Ray-Ban sunglasses. We’d go for an ever-stylish Wayfarer, choosing white frames to tie in with the white Converse and create coherency from head to toe. They’re also a little more daring than normal whilst still tying in with the rest of the look - we think this really sets the outfit apart!


Of course, this is just one way you can style the Causeway Breton Top. The five colourway options provide any number of alternative looks, but all look soft and lovely against a bright blue Summer sky.


Shop around our website for more great Spring/Summer pieces.


We hope to be styling a few more of our favourites over the coming weeks, so do keep a look out!

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