Things To Do At The Beach

Things To Do At The Beach - Lighthouse

With Spring finally in full-swing, and a little bit of sunshine even making a welcome appearance, outdoor activities are finally feeling like a possibility again.

What better way to enjoy the sorely missed sunshine than a family adventure to the beach? We have some fun ideas to help you make the most of your day out!

Search for Seaside Creatures

Pack their fishing net and be on the lookout for nearby rock pools to peek into in search of  the mysterious creatures  that call the seaside their home! You could catch a crab, a fish, a sea anemone of even a jelly fish. Bring a notebook for your little explorer to log their findings and don’t forget to put the creatures back in their home when they’re finished.

Have a Game of Frisbee

If there’s one activity that’s just made for sunny days then its a game of frisbee. It’s even more fun when you kick your shoes off and have the sand beneath your feet and the salty smell of the sea in the air! Remember - the more the merrier for frisbee!

Hunt for Seaside Treasures

What is it that makes us so inquisitive about shells and rocks on the beach? They’re simple but unique mementos to remember a special day out. They’re also excellent for making crafts with on a rainy day. Make it you & your little ones’ mission to hunt out the prettiest, best shells and rocks across the beach!


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Have a Picnic

Why bother leaving your perfect spot on the beach in search of a cafe when you could have your own little picnic? Pack some sandwiches, crisps and treats to enjoy under the sun. Don’t forget a blanket to have your picnic on and avoid sandy sandwiches!

Have a Sing Along

Singing isn’t just fun for the car journey, extend it to the beach too! If you are musically inclined pack your guitar into the boot - who knows, your music might make you some friends who’ll join in!

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