What To Wear To Summer Festivals

What To Wear To Summer Festivals - Lighthouse

Summer festivals are synonymous with music, food, fun and dancing. When the sun’s shining, all your worries melt away and you can enjoy the simple pleasures of tasty cuisine, listening to golden oldies or the latest tracks and having laidback conversations with friends and family. However, all too often, storm clouds roll in, the heavens part and the rain pours, leaving a slippery, muddy mess in it’s wake.

To ensure that nothing spoils your weekend, you need to be prepared for all season weather. Check out our tips for stylish, but practical festival dressing.

Showerproof cover up

There is no better festival style investment than a cover up that keeps you dry and fresh all day long. No matter what the forecast says, make sure you are prepared for every eventuality. Pack a lightweight raincoat that can easily be draped over any outfit to keep the heat in and the rain out.

A showerproof coat, like our Bowline jacket, is perfect for light, drizzly rain, but if you’d prefer to be extra cautious, then a waterproof parka, like our Rayna will protect against heavier downpours.

Alternative footwear

Wellies are the constant go-to when it comes to festival footwear. Perfect for wading through mucky conditions, they have become a bit of a style staple. Designer wellies tend to be expensive, but if you invest in them, they will last year after year, rain shower after rain shower. Just make sure to pack thick socks to avoid nasty blisters.

For slightly sunnier weather, plimsolls are the best option as they take up very little space in your bag and they go with any festival wardrobe. You can also stash a pair of sandals in your backpack, but beware as open toes will likely be trodden on.

Safe storage

Forget designer totes and handbags, you want something more robust and sturdy. A rucksack will house all essentials and allow you to move freely or opt for a cross body bag if you’d prefer easy access and to keep it where you can see it.

If you have to carry a lot of cash, keep it in a zipped pocket in your jeans or jacket, so you are not left stranded should anything happen and you mislay your bag.

Layering is your best friend

When the temperature dips and the evenings get cooler, bring an array of shirts and knits to warm you up. A top tip is to roll up your shirts to keep them crease free, which will also handily make more room in your backpack for extra clothes and accessories.  

Pack light clothing and a few alternative outfits should the weather turn. Jeans will soak up water and weigh you down, so choose denim cut offs instead or cotton jersey dresses.

Head gear

Whether you’re camping or glamping for the weekend, you will most likely not have the opportunity nor the time to completely refresh, especially if you’re running after little youngsters. A hat or a headscarf are the perfect accessories for updating your look without needing to bring shampoo and conditioner.

Keep it fun and colourful

If you’re attending a family friendly festival this season, go with the carefree vibe and have fun with your outfit. The same goes for your little ones. COLLECTION Little girls and boys raincoats and wellies are of course an absolute essential and by opting for bright and colourful clothing, you can easily spot them in a crowd.

Festivals offer the chance to let go and just enjoy the atmosphere and ambience. It’s all about spending time with friends and family, relaxing and having fun. Nothing should spoil that, not even a dash of rain.

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